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Version : 1.21
Last revised date : 22/05/2000

Ticker is a nifty vertical scroller that displays scrolling text within an allocated box. Features include automatic pause on mouseover and hyperlinks to relevant pages. And the applet is only about 5 kb!

Ticker is freeware. The latest version of the applet is available at

Applet Parameters

<applet archive=ticker.jar code=ticker.class width=120 height=150>
<param name=filename value="news.txt">
<param name=font value="Helvetica">
<param name=size value="10">
<param name=target value="_self">
<param name=xmargin value="8">
<param name=ymargin value="20">
<param name=irect value="88AAFF">
<param name=orect value="000000">
<param name=ntext value="000000">
<param name=htext value="FF0000">
<param name=speed value="40">

target : target frame for the hyperlink
xmargin and ymargin : coordinates which define where the inner rectangle starts
irect and orect : color of the inner and outer rectangle in hexadecimal
ntext and htext : color of the text (normal and highlighted)
speed : scrolling speed of the text

Applet Configuration

The applet will take the information from a text file specified by the parameter "filename". The information is stored in the following format :